Join the Movement

XPF™is a rapidly growing grassroots movement. The XPF™philosophy focuses on authentic movement through the understanding and application of anatomical knowledge and optimal alignment.

This allows everyone, regardless of fitness level, to work at their full potential without experiencing injury. In order to achieve this, continuing education is a primary goal for both trainers and clients.

XPF™is committed to breaking down today’s intrinsic connection between financial status and physical well-being, making safe and effective fitness accessible to everyone at a lower price point than market.  Through educational resources and direct access to our growing training team, we encourage our clients to use XPF™as a medium for self-learning and as a tool to transcend their mental and physical goals.

XPF™ Community Tools

XPF™ Online
XPF™Online is our mobile app, powered by AmStatz, designed to keep members connected with their trainers and each other. Participants subscribe on a monthly basis and are provided with workout plans, mobility and stretching videos, and articles that support their wellness plan when they are not physically at the studio. This as another way for clients to track progress and continue their education.

XPF Physicians Network™
XPF Physicians Network™ connects clients and trainers with  licensed health care professionals. Their principles and methods align with the XPF™ performance-based system.


XPF™ Community Outreach
Gaining exposure through engagements with the Baltimore City Health Department, the American Heart Association and the Baltimore Waterfront Partnership, participants of all ages are experiencing XPF™ and committing to the program.


XPF™ Connect

Through online and social media engagement, we are able to connect and interact with our team members, track their progress and motivate each other in a more authentic, personalized, and meaningful way.