Start your transformation with XPF. Our proprietary 5-zoned system aligns your personal fitness goals with your personal fitness level, for a safe, continuous, and effective progression through each zone.

Zones 1 (Heal) and 2 (Prime) build and maintain your functional base. Zones 3 (Ignite), 4 (Evolve), and 5 (Transcend), build muscle and enhance performance and skill.

Zone 1: Heal: Find your balance.

The Heal Zone revolves around XPF’s three pillars of wellness: mindset, nutrition, and regeneration. Maintaining balance with myofascial release (MFR), flexibility training, proper dieting, and focused dedication will fuel your fitness goals.
*This zone is maintained throughout your XPF training.


Zone 2 - Prime. Build your Foundation.

Prime training focuses on building core stability, balance, and endurance. Challenge your mental fortitude and learn how your muscles react and communicate through primal movements, body weight, and neuromuscular training.
*This zone is maintained throughout your XPF training


Zone 3 - Ignite. Fuel your Fire.

Ignite training builds your functional strength, develops power, athleticism and metabolic conditioning. Expect improvements in body composition and overall performance.


Zone 4 - Evolve. Transform your Being.

Build strength and lean muscle with targeted weight training exercises using barbells, dumbbells, powerlifting techniques, russian kettlebell training and more.

*Zones 1 and 2 should be maintained will training in Evolve Zone.


Zone 5 - Transcend. Beat your Best.

It’s time to put your skills to the test. Build stamina and maximize power using explosive, compound movements. Training in this zone includes: competitive training, olympic lifts, and elite level movements.
*All zones should be mastered before you can Transcend.