Don't comprise your authenticity by eating meals that don't fit your PERSONAL profile. We offer more then 150 meal types with over 1000 unique meals combinations. If you don't see a meal plan that fits your nutritional endeavour Contact us!



Anti-Aging NEW! 
Asian Explosion 
Energy Booster 
Healthy Aging 
Healthy Cholesterol 
Heart Healthy 
Heart Healthy Living NEW! 
Low Carb 
Low Carb American 
Low Carb Fast Food


Paleo Lifestyle NEW!          Athletic Training NEW! 
Lean and Tone Physique NEW! 
Lean Body Builder
Mass Builder
Muscle Builder
Paleo (Caveman) 
Performance Training 




Cancer Prevention Breast Cancer Cancer Prevention R2 NEW! 
Heart Disease 
Heart Disease Prevention R2 NEW! 
Osteoporosis (Bone Health)


Gluten Free
Healthy Soy
High Fiber
Lactose Intolerant
Organic Low Carb
Organic Low Fat

Glycemic Management

Hi to Low Glycemic R2 NEW! 
High (am) to Low (am) Glycemic 
Low (am) to High (pm) Glycemic 
Low Glycemic 
Low Glycemic R2 NEW! 
Low to High Glycemic R2 NEW!



Bariatric & Medical Supervised

Post Pregnancy Weight Loss                         Bariatric Lap Band Post Op 
Bariatric Low Calorie Low Glycemic 
Bariatric Low Calories Low Carb 
Bariatric VLCD Low Carb 
Breast Feeding 
Post Pregnancy Hormonal Balance 
VLCD Ketogenic 


Detox & Cleanse

21 Day Detox Veggie for Men 
21 Day Detox Veggie for Women                               21 Day Detox Fruit for Men 
21 Day Detox Fruit for Women 
21 Day Detox Meat for Men 
21 Day Detox Meat for Women  
Detox with Fruit for Men 
Detox with Fruit for Women 
Detox with Meat for Men 
Detox with Meat for Women 
Detox with Veggie for Men 
Detox with Veggie for Women

30 Day Plans

30 Day Cholesterol Control 
30 Day Heart Healthy Men 
30 Day Heart Healthy Women 
30 Day Hypertension Men 
30 Day Hypertension Women 
30 Day New Moms Post Pregnancy 
30 Day Pre/Post Natal Lactating 
30 Day Weight Loss Men 
30 Day Weight Loss Women 
30 Day Women’s Anti Aging





Childhood Obesity Low Cholesterol 
Develop Healthy Eating Habits (9-13 years) 
Getting a Healthy Start (2-3 years) 
Growing Up With Healthy Habits (4-8 years) 
Healthy Teen Years (14-18 years)


Allergy Series - Peanut Allergy Series - Cow   Allergy Series - Chicken Egg Milk  
Allergy Series - Pinenut 
Allergy Series - Shellfis