Free Movement Screening & Health Assessment 

All new XPF members receive a functional movement screen (FMS) when they join. But what is the FMS? During the screen, an individual performs seven different skills essential to human movement to identify weak areas or faulty movement patterns which can cause injury. And, at XPF Studio, we take it a step further, and use the FMS (and individual goals) to assign members a zone. We will also provide corrective exercises, all with the ultimate goal of alleviating or preventing injury and improving performance. The first movement in the FMS, the deep squat, is used to identify asymmetries of the hips, shoulders, knees, spine and ankles. Want to learn more?

Studio Monthly Memberships

XPF Studio is a membership-based facility where members can attend XPF team training, small group training, community classes or personal training sessions. Unlike traditional gyms, XPF is a functional training studio with open space and few machines.

Online Scheduling

In order to join you'll need to create an account in our online system powered by Amstatz. 

  • Directly interact with trainers to design custom workouts
  • Schedule personal training sessions
  • Sign up for small group training sessions


Experience XPF $59

Try us out before you join the team! Take 30 days to experience all that XPF has to offer.

  • Functional Movement Screening
  • 4 x Small Group training
  • Unlimited large group training
  • Free yoga & dance classes


Team Training (4 to 12 people) $99

  • Program design
  • Unlimited classes
  • 1 Small group session per month

Small Group Training (2 to 4 people) $139   

  • Customized Program design  
  • Unlimited classes
  • 4 Small group sessions per month


Unlimited Small Group $199   

  • Customized program
  • Unlimited classes
  • Unlimited small group sessions


Personal Training $239

  • Personalized program design  
  • Unlimited classes
  • Unlimited small group sessions
  • 4 One on One training sessions per month