By applying an understanding of anatomy and an individual’s optimal alignment, we believe everyone can train at their physical and mental limit without experiencing injury.  XPF is committed to breaking down today’s intrinsic connection between financial status and physical well-being, making safe and effective fitness accessible to everyone. Through educational resources and direct access to our growing training team, we encourage our clients to use XPF as a medium for self-learning and a tool to transcend their mental and physical goals.


About Patrick 

Patrick’s first lesson in wellness came as he watched his role model deteriorate due to the high costs of healthcare and fitness programs. Believing that wealth equaled wellness, he then set his focus on reaching a level of financial security that, for him, equated to longevity and health.

But this version of the American Dream left Patrick overweight, addicted to cigarettes, and miserable in a corporate existence. He saw himself traveling down the same road as his role model, and realized he had to fight for his health rather than perpetuate the cycle of “just getting by.” So he quit his job. He joined a gym. And things began to change.

He lost all of the weight. But in the process, Patrick struggled with a host of injuries. Instead of settling with other fitness programs that just “didn’t fit,” he began to question. Those questions transformed into multiple certification courses, consultations with physical therapists, trainers, neurosurgeons, massage therapists, and, eventually, into his own personal training regime: XPF.

XPF safely trains the body and mind under high stress situations to facilitate deep-rooted transformation. Start your own transformation with XPF: heal, prime, ignite, evolve, transcend.

Patrick is certified in AFAA, NCSF, NASM, KBA Kettle Bell, FMS Functional Movements System.


XPF has been fortunate enough to work with the following organizations to promote health and wellness using XPF programs: